When She Cries

Not trying to get in the middle of things just trying to patch things up with two good friends.

Come online to find drama.

Oh Kevin please don’t do anything stupid.

Getting off to cry some before college starts.

dginny said:  "Quit screaming at me!"




"Alright, calm down."


Sighing he picked up his shirt and put it on as he then began to leave her. “I understand. I will leave you to get calmed down then I will be back.”

Ginny sighed as she didn’t want him to leave her. But he was right they needed to cool down. “Don’t be gone too long.” She smiled softly, showing concern for her fiance.

He gulped as he then bit his lip a bit. Her anger kinda turned him on.

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Someone please answer my starter. 

I need to get new people to talk to and people to add to relations page.


"Why do I keep losing girlfriends?"

Not one follow is on my relations page which is upsetting the only ones that are on his relations are family members that don’t exist in the tumblr world. This is getting upsetting.

Great now Rory is upset that he lost a girlfriend tonight.

I just want to feel wanted! 

I want to be tagged in stuff I want to be wanted by every follower I have.

Just can’t take how ignored I am.